On arrival, the ongoing projects I see around make me want to say your middle name is progress, may more blessings come upon you and all that you do”
Today is remarkable to us all and to our nation, therefore, we rejoice with the whole nation giving thanks and glory to God.
I invite you all to be optimistic and positive for our nation. We should pray for our leaders and their success with good positive efforts.
Most times we tend to focus on the negative aspects… That is what draws us backwards.

Our nation could be likened to the scriptures in Habakkuk 1, we may be asking how long will this go on? Rather we should pray that God will draw us out of this predicament. The PDP and APC that are the two largest political parties in Nigeria are behaving as though Nigeria is for sale… They just want power.. They are engaged in unnecessary political gambling. If politics is about services to them (PDP and APC) then they are supposed to team up to salvage our country.

According to political parties we divide and attack ourselves, according to tribes we divide and attack ourselves, according to religion we divide and attack ourselves… For how long will this continue. Let us both Christians and Muslims use our gifts of faith to transform our nation. It is not big churches and big mosque that we need but big faith. We must fight evil. We must fight corruption. If you are a leader you are called to serve and not punish your enemies with the privilege of power you have.
Continue to pray for this country and we shall not give up. This is our country. We have no other. We should continue to pray for our leaders that they will take away the suffering of our people by good governance.

Whenever we pray let us say God have mercy on us. God have mercy on our country Nigeria. God have mercy on our leaders. For if the country is well the Church will be well as well.

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