Celebrating the International Day of Peace today (21st September) at the Dialogue, Reconciliation and Peace (DREP) Centre Jos, with young Muslim and Christian students, heads of various non- governmental organizations searching for enduring peace as well as Muslim and Christian elders. Mr. Guy Adjadji, from MISSIO Aachen in Germany visiting Nigeria for the first time was present at the ceremony to kick-start the one-year peace education programme for youths sponsored by MISSIO Aachen.

I could see hope, passion and determination in the eyes of the young people who share the conviction that everyone has a right to peace. Despite sometimes the setback to peace efforts in Plateau State we still believe very strongly that with more goodwill and sincerity of purpose, permanent peace can be achieved.

The recent interfaith prayer at DREP Centre Jos, attended by Emirs, imams, bishops, youths, military commander, commissioner of police, SSS and several Muslim and Christian dignitaries including the Deputy Governor of Plateau State, shows that peaceful coexistence and actions for the common good are possible. We must not give in to despair, one of the most potent tools of the devil.

Once we sustain these little, slow but steady steps to peace, the much desired peace will flow like a river not only in Plateau State but also in Nigeria and indeed it will flush and destroy all the racial, ethic, political, religious and social barriers needlessly erected by persons or groups in different parts of our contemporary world.

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